Southside Skatepark supports Jordan Santana and Kendra Long’s Skateboarding 100%


These Two Skateboarders have been a Part of Our Regional Scene and Represent Our Greater Houston Area.

What can we say, we are proud to support them in hopes of helping these skateboarders rise to the top. Jordan Santana has officially been announced to 2020 Team USA. What does that mean? Well, it means that she is now a listed participant in sanctioned Olympic points accruing in World Skate sanctioned events. For the last 2 to 3 years Jordan would have to attend the event, earn her way into the event through a qualification event. Once in the event, she could then earn points to drive up her rank in her skateboarding field. Now that is behind her as she is officially on Team USA 2020.


Both of These Skateboarders have Achieved Highly Ranked Positions in the Points Standings Heading into the 2020 Contest Season.

At this time many people do not know what to think about skateboarding in the Olympics. All we can really tell you is that whatever your relationship is with skateboarding, we do not believe the Olympics are going to change that. With skateboarding officially becoming a medaled sport and skateboarders from around the world being able to represent their country, we hope there are more opportunities for skateboarders to find financial support. If those new channels are not something that contribute positively to your personal interaction with skateboarding, tune them out. It really is going to be that simple. More skateparks, more skateboarders, more content and more entities supporting skateboarding on all levels. The future is looking bright with skateboarding everywhere you look be it DIY, free skateparks, training facilities and we hope to see sanctioned skateboarding environments being implemented into American cities in the near future.

Below is theMost Recent World Skate Announcement Regarding Spring 2020’s Very Intense Qualification Schedule

World Skate announces 2020 World Pro Tour partnership with Street League SkateboardingPath to Tokyo: The World Skate sanctioned series, SLS World Pro Tour, is set to be a defining contributor in Olympic qualification.Celebrating its first decade, the world’s premier professional skateboarding series, Street League Skateboarding (SLS), returns in its eleventh season with exciting competitions on three continents, and this year the stakes are even higher with the season leading directly to skateboarding’s inaugural Olympic debut.

As the exclusive series sanctioned by the World Skate – the IOC recognized skateboarding governing body – the 2020 World Skate Street League Skateboarding (WS SLS) World Tour will offer the best skaters in the world a global stage and highest points earning opportunities as they put it all on the line for a chance to compete at the season finale World Championship in London in May, and Olympic Games commencing in Tokyo this July.
This season will be filled with unprecedented excitement and history making moments, with podium placement at the 2020 World Championships providing skaters a straight shot into the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. 

The WS SLS World Tour competitions and compelling storylines are celebrated on World Skate SB social channels, as well as on SLS’ social channels, positioned inside the Top 20 for digital engagement amongst global sports properties.

The World Tour  showcases and serves the skateboarding community while inspiring the next generation, supporting its social presence with live broadcast and highlights coverage on major digital and linear platforms enjoyed by millions of fans worldwide.

2020 WS SLS World Tour Dates:WORLD TOUR STOP – LAS VEGAS, NV, USA – MARCH 27th/28th, 2020WORLD TOUR STOP – BEIJING, CHINA – MAY 2nd/3rd, 2020WORLD SKATE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP – LONDON, UK – MAY 22nd/24th, 2020The World Tour attracts the biggest names in skateboarding: as for 2019 tour, the 2020 WS SLS Men’s regular competitors include the likes of Nyjah Huston (USA)Yuto Horigome (JPN)Gustavo Ribeiro (POR)Luan Olivera (BRA)Kelvin Hoefler (BRA)Shane O’Neill (AUS), and Dashawn Jordan (USA) while the Women’s field is equally as stacked and includes the likes of Leticia Bufoni (BRA)Pamela Rosa (BRA)Rayssa Leal (BRA)Aori Nishimura (JPN)Candy Jacobs (NED), and Mariah Duran (USA).  

For more info, go to World Skate official website – – and follow us on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.Click here to watch 2020 WS SLS World Tour announcementAbout World Skate
World Skate, founded in 1924 in Switzerland, works to unify the unique characteristics of skateboarding and roller sports, and to promote their global development. By providing a modern platform for the management of all disciplines, it supports autonomy and fosters authenticity in their governance. World Skate currently recognizes 124 National Federations and is the IOC recognized governing body for skateboarding. For more information, please visit

Simona Mercuri, World Skate Communication Manager
Jeff Landi, World Skate Skateboarding Communication ManagerAbout Street League Skateboarding
Since its inception in 2010, Street League Skateboarding (SLS) has taken street skateboarding from a disparate collection of independent events to renowned global competition. With a premium qualification system of amateur-to-professional progression and thrilling live events hosted in world-class arenas, the SLS World Tour is the preeminent professional street skateboarding competition series. Events take place on custom-built, one-of-a-kind, SLS-certified plazas in major cities around the world, with the best skateboarders competing for the highest stakes. For more information, visit

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