Annual Old Man Bowl Jam Results and Photos from the 10th Annual

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Old Man Bowl Jam 2019 group photo Lee Leal

Old Man Bowl Jam Grand Masters 50+


Old Man Bowl Jam Results are in and the entire weekend was a blast. Dave Donalson put out one of his most elaborate Bar-B-Que spreads of all time. Below Skies was the first band to take the Federal Stone Bowl stage and they played during the Grand Masters Class. Robert Buckley took first place out of the ten-person bowl shredding field. Just think about that, ten skateboarders showed up and entered the contest over the age of 50 and still riding!

Below Skies with a Solid Set

Below Skies photo Jose H. Martinez

Old Man Bowl Jam Masters 40-49


Old Man Bowl Jam Results of the Masters 40-49-year-old class had Corey Thornhill taking 1st place. Southside Skatepark had no idea that this guy was attending so we were happy to see him when he arrived. When you can shove it grab well out of coping your probably going to place in any class running.

Corey Thornhill took first place in Old Man Bowl Jam Masters front shove backside grab the hip photo Lee Leal
Ryan Crane blasting frontside air to tail bash over the hip photo Jose H. Martinez

Russ Driver Band slaughtered it for the Masters Division

Old Man Bowl Mini-Masters 30-39


The Mini-Masters were killing it as usual and Embassy Skateboard’s own Ben Johnson earned his spot in 1st place. Every year that we watch Ben skate the Federal Stone Bowl here at Southside it just doesn’t seem like enough ramp for him. Sure it is seven foot nine inches in the deep but somehow he makes the ramp seem small. Recent Pacific Northwest transplant Ottenburg came in 2nd and Southside’s own Dakota Roberson came in 3rd.

Troy Chason brother of Tim Chason was honored with the Tim Chason Spirit Award for Outstanding Support of Skateboarding.

Troy Chason brother of Tim Chason was honored with the Tim Chason Spirit Award for Outstanding Support of Skateboarding.

Congratulations to All Who Placed and Everyone Who Attended. We are All Winners to Still be Riding and Participating in Skateboarding.

Old Man Bowl Jam James Cole layback grind photo Jose H. Martinez

Enjoy these Photos and Old Man Bowl Jam Results 2019

Mike Kelly backside smith grind photo Jose H. Martinez

Los De Verdad played with serious aggression during Mini Masters.

Corey Thornhill took first place in Masters seen here backside disaster in front of the Los de Verdad band photo Jose H. Martinez
Whiskers with a boardslide in the bowl photo Jose H. Martinez
Tracy Weller laying it back keeping it punk photo Lee Leal
Mickey Smith frontal grabber on his bizarre set up photo Jose H. Martinez
Derrick Hayes frontside grind for days photo Jose H. Martinez
Dylan Blackwell crailslides during Mini Masters photo Lee Leal

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