Ben Raybourn Pro OJ Wheel Release Photos and Video

Incredible Turn Out at the Ben Raybourn Pro OJ Wheel Party!


Ben Raybourn Pro OJ Wheel Release Group Photo | photo Israel Santana

What an incredible turn out at the Ben Raybourn Pro OJ Wheel release event here at Southside Skatepark. The event was totally free to skate, eat and hang out with Ben Raybourn, Nora Vasconcellos, and Max Taylor.  Sunday, February 18, 2018 the session began at 1 pm with the Oj Pros arriving at 4 pm.  Due to the over the top attendance for the session, Ben and Nora were able to skateboard at first but pretty quickly the autograph and selfie social photos began to run rampant.  This went on until around 6:30 pm when the packed house focused on the Federal Stone Bowl and the session we had all come out to see began.

Southside Skatepark Team Riders Ben Raybourn and Nathan Pacheco


Ben Raybourn and Nathan Pacheco both Rosenburg, Texas Originals | photo Eric Visentin

Everyone on hand from OJ Wheels from the team to the filmer, photographer and team manager all agreed that something special was happening.  Being the host park we were very happy to hear that and did our very best to accommodate everyone’s needs.  OJ wheels ordered pizza from nearby King’s Pizza a Southside Skatepark local favorite.

King’s Pizza Took the Time to Spell OJs in Pepperoni


King’s Pizza Knows How to Spell OJs

We have never seen so many people turn out to watch or be a part of a single team demo.  Ben Raybourn is our hometown hero and it looks like he is representing all of Texas considering how far people drove to be a part of the event.  That is probably to be expected after finding his way onto multiple Thrasher Magazine and Skateboard Magazine covers like Ben has over the years.  This visit we noticed Ben preferring to ride very short boards and the more destroyed the board the better.  He had chosen to celebrate the release of his pro wheel with all of us and his mood was all about having fun with everyone on hand.


Ben Raybourn | Backside Boneless | photo Eric Palozzolo

Although many on hand had come out to skate with Ben Raybourn he also brought an equally polarizing counterpart in Nora Vasconcellos.  She had so many fans that Nora really didn’t have very much time to herself other than when she was on her board.  Such a professional, she engaged every single fan and signed and took pics with anyone asking.  We could tell that she honestly enjoyed it and had fun with it.  One of the highlights would have to be a fan’s gift of a valor cat graphic hat.

Nora Vasconcellos Trying to Look Tough in this Cat Hat


Nora Vasconcellos | Cat Hat Gift | photo Eric Visentin

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