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We Did It! All New Dog Bone Bowl is Open and Ready to Shred this Summer!

Major tweak to the existing mini ramp. We have bowled it in to create the all-new Dog Bone Bowl here at Southside Skatepark. It’s funny how this build came to be. It has been mentioned to me numerous times to ring the spine back into play. I mentioned to Mike Kelly that I wanted to bowl in the mini ramp. The conversation took place during Old Man Bowl Jam. At the time Mike could not say for sure that he could do it. A few weeks later I get a call on Saturday. Mike was letting me know that he would be coming to Houston that Tuesday. Making him available for the build if I still wanted to do it. So, first thing Monday Jake Piekalkiewicz and I hit the demolition of the mini ramp cement block extension and stairwell vert wall to make room for the new bowl.


“I didn’t even know you guys were going to build a new bowl.” which is funny because I’m like, “me too!”

I kept hearing, “I didn’t even know you guys were going to build a new bowl.” I’d just be left standing there on day four or five thinking, “Yeah me too!” Every build is an adventure and a mental break from the normal routine. Although you don’t even leave town you psychologically have checked out. All you can think about is the build and what you’re doing. You have to focus as you are trying to avoid an accident with a saw and paying attention to your measurements and angles. You have one goal and it’s the completion of a new rideable structure at Southside Skatepark. The all-new Dog Bone Bowl is sheeted in Skatelite and is one of fastest bowls I have ever ridden.


Dog Bone Bowl Flatwall is 5’6″ with Escalators in Four Locations to the 6′ Pockets Creating a Super Long and Very Fast Grind

Dog Bone Bowl lead building Mike Kelly photo Eric Visentin
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See You Soon at Our All New Dog Bone Bowl which is Spined into Our Massive Federal Stone Bowl!

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