F.D.A. to Allow Use of KN95 Masks

The masks are almost identical in performance to the N95 Mask that hospitals and other institutions are using.

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With doctors, nurses and other health care workers facing acute shortages of protective masks, the Food and Drug Administration announced on Friday that it will allow the use of a more widely available mask that meets Chinese standards instead of American ones.

Southside Skatepark has been donating KN95 masks and you can help!

Hospitals across the United States are running out of N95 masks, which filter at least 95 percent of particles that are 0.3 microns or larger, including the new coronavirus. N95 masks are tested and certified by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, or NIOSH, a research agency that is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Southside would like to reiterate that Staying Home and Social Distancing is the best method to limit your exposure to the COVID-19 Virus and request that you Continue to abide by your Regional and National Mandated Guidelines in your area.

On Friday, the F.D.A. issued an emergency use authorization for KN95 masks. Regulated by the Chinese government, they are almost identical in performance to N95 masks. There are slight differences in their specifications, like a variation in the maximum pressure the masks must be able to withstand as a person inhales and exhales.

The C.D.C. lists KN95 masks as a suitable alternative when N95s are not available.

The F.D.A. said KN95 masks were eligible for authorization if they met certain criteria, including documentation that they were authentic.

But many hospitals have not been willing to order KN95 masks because of uncertainty over whether imports would be allowed into the United States, as well as potential liability if they turned out to be counterfeit. But for some institutions, that may be a worthwhile risk if the alternative is no masks.

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The F.D.A. had on March 24 issued a similar authorization for non-NIOSH masks that met similar standards in other countries in Europe as well as Australia, Brazil, Japan, Korea and Mexico. But it left off China because of concerns about fraudulent masks.

Many N95 masks are also manufactured in China, and the Trump administration is trying to compel companies like 3M to send more of those to the United States.

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