Sunday May 26th 1-7pm at Southside Skatepark

For Kids’ Hearts Punk Rock Show and Skateboarding here at Southside Skatepark May 26, 2019. Such an amazing line up including 30 foot Fall, Say Hello to Angels, Dead to the World, Idle Declasse, Fat by the Gallon and Animosity! With the live punk rock cranking the skateboarding will be going off with various jams for product donated by Theories of Atlantis distribution out of New York.

30 Foot FALL
Say Hello to the Angels
Dead to the World
Idle Declasse
Fat by the Gallon

$10 tickets at the door, donation appreciated and 100% off all proceeds are going to support the families of children born with congenital heart defects. Those life-saving surgeries can be difficult to fund for every 1 of 100 babies born. With the numbers as high as they are and a raging health care debate year after year these new borns need our help. Come out and be a part of another great time here at Southside Skatepark and for an even better cause.

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For Kids’ Hearts event is literally going to take me back. Everyone has attended so many 30 Foot Fall shows. This band has literally been playing its ass off here in Houston, Texas going on 20 plus years. Year after year these guys are headlining and killing it on stage. High energy and music will be constant throughout the day. Having a massive indoor skatepark to host will help turn up that natural energy exponentially.

So Many Events, Keep Up with Southside Skatepark and Southside Skateshop!

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