from this past June 11, 2022, at Southside Skatepark.

For Kids Hearts Artwork by Ed Syder

For Kids Hearts Punk Rock Show happened here at Southside Skatepark with bands such as 30 Foot Fall, The Suspects, Monster Soup, Steadfast HTX, Dead to the World, Ferst Person, Dreamshake, On Tonight, and Animosity

chris-kendrick-and-bill-grady-from-the-suspects-for-kids-hearts benefit-southside-skatepark-photo-alissa-szucs
butch-klotz-from-30-foot-fall-at-kids-hearts benefit-southside-skatepark-photo-alissa-szucs
robbie-cool-from-monster-soup-at-hearts-for-kids hearts-benefit-southside-skatepark-photo-alissa-szucs

Amazing Day Raising Money to Help Families of Children Born with Congenital Heart Defect.

Incredible turn out from our Houston area and surrounding communities coming together to raise money for children born with congenital heart defects. This event was originally launched in 2019, momentarily being sidelined by the pandemic, getting back to form this past June 11, 2022!

emma sue-at-hearts-for-kids hearts-benefit-southside-skatepark-photo-alissa-szucs
jason-davis-from-30-foot-fall-at-kids hearts-benefit-southside-skatepark-photo-alissa-szucs
crowd-photo-fall-at-kids hearts-benefit-southside-skatepark-photo-alissa-szucs

For Kids Hearts Punk Rock Show Raised Over $10,000 2022 at Southside Skatepark

Yes, you heard that right, this year’s event raised over $10,000 and we anticipate it getting even larger for 2023. Commitments from some bands this year and the event organizer have been letting us know that the event should be returning in cooler temperatures for 2023.

crowd-photo-fall-at-kids hearts-benefit-southside-skatepark-photo-alissa-szucs
brandon-lyday-from-dead-to-the-world-at-for-kids-hearts benefit-southside-skatepark-photo-alissa-szucs
crowd-photo-fall-at-for kids hearts-benefit-southside-skatepark-photo-alissa-szucs-5

Everyone in Attendance was So Rad Giving what they Could and Supporting Such a Great Cause, Thank You!

This year’s organizers of For Kids Hearts did such a great job making sure everyone was comfortable. Two food trucks, port-o-cans, tents, tables, and chairs to actually catch up with some of the friends you have been missing. They even had a vaccination tent staffed by the Houston Health Department, totally free, no appointment needed.

steadfast-htx-at-for-kids hearts-benefit-southside-skatepark-photo-alissa-szucs

Southside Skatepark is so Proud to Be a Part of Such an Amazing Event and Honored to Host the For Kids Hearts Punk Rock Show Benefit!

john-white-from-monster-soup-at fo kids-hearts-benefit-southside-skatepark-photo-alissa-szucs

Get Involved! DM For Kids Hearts about Helping Us Make an Even Larger Impact Next Year!

Thanks for Supporting Southside Skatepark ONLINE, or our Southside Skateshop out West, and our new Southside Boardshop in Clear Lake!

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