Southside Skatepark’s Holiday Mini Day Camps for Thanksgiving and Holiday Breaks NOW ENROLLING! Nov. 23rd-24th, Dec. 21st-22nd, Dec. 28th-29th

Southside Skatepark Skateboarding Camps Works in Small Groups of 6:1 Skateboarder:Instructor Ratios

We know skateboading families are beginning to plan their Holidays. To make the most of their time with family. Just like you, we are beginning to prepare Southside Skatepark to host your family’s skateboarders.

Southside Skatepark is a 15,000 square foot facility with four huge rollup garage doors on either side of the warehouse. We have a 24′ diameter fan circulating the air throughout. Day Camp meets from 10 am-2 pm and a Jason’s Deli Kids Meal is provided for each camper. Family is welcome to stay to avoid the back and forth logistics if needed. We break into small groups of five to six skateboarders for each instructor. We have some basics that we believe all skateboarders should be able to do. Beyond that, we listen to our campers and give them tips on how to accomplish some of their own personal goals. Skateboarding Day Camp attendance is flexible allowing families to register for one or two days.

southside skatepark instructional day camp

Our camps continue to have good attendance every season. We have seen an expansion in our beginner category in particular. We are also seeing more ladies in attendance. Some Day Camp sessions have as much as a 25% female attendance. This is creating a dual new wave situation with young skateboarders, and female skateboarders. As a result, local skateboarding in Houston will be very fun to watch over the coming decade.

Thanksgiving and Holiday Skateboarding Day Camp Enrollment Online!

southside skatepark instructional day camp

Our Skateboarding Day Camps Impact the Youth in a Positive Way.

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