Proud to announce the support of Mark Gonzales helping us through uncertain times with his amazing artwork. Southside Skatepark and Southside Skateshop have been approved to use this artwork on upcoming projects for the remainder of 2020.

Naturally we are honored to be a part of this skatepark skateshop stimulus program during these difficult times. We hope you enjoy the product we release over the coming months. Please support Krooked Skateboards as they are one of the very best skateboarding companies on the planet and have been for many years. At the time of this announcement we have product at the ready as we have access to some basic production capabilities in-house at Southside Skatepark.

Message from Deluxe Distribution

“The beginning of March hit us like a brick. Like everyone, we didn’t know which way was up at first, and we knew that skaters and skate shops everywhere were in the same scenario. We wanted to do something special for your shop with The Gonz. Mark Gonzales donated the sketches, created personalized exclusive designs for your shop.  We’re excited to see what you come up with. We hope it helps make things a little better this summer for you and yours.  Thank you for being there through thick and thin for us at DLX.”



Mark Gonzales has been a Creative Inspiration for Many Years

So when you get this once in a lifetime opportunity to make something to represent Southside Skatepark with Mark Gonzales’ blessing, you want to do your very best and try to bring in his creativity. With Summer upon us doing DIY tye-dye seemed fitting in so many ways. Each and every tee is unique and when ordering online please put “warm or cool” colors in the notes. It made for a great family project and we are so happy to share these with you. We used various tye-dye methods to create them, while imagining Mark covered in paint creating new inspirations of his own for all of us in New York.

We Made Sure to Produce Some More Chill Product Too, In Case Color Isn’t Your Thing

Mark-Gonzales-for-Southside-Skatepark-wordpress-black-tee NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE and IN-STORE
Mark-Gonzales-for-Southside-Skatepark-wordpress-white-tee NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE and IN-STORE

This really is only the beginning of what we have planned with the icon that Mark created for us. Naturally you will not be seeing this on any boards of course. Our plans are to just make the best items we can with a creative touch that the Gonz brings to skateboarding year after year. Thanks for everything Mark, this really means a lot to us and helps all of us continue to find the motivation it takes to carry on throughout all of life’s little hiccups.

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