Nevermind Skateboards started up as an on again off again creative outlet for David Langston and his friends. Having lived in the south of Houston area Southside Skatepark has been a part of David’s skateboarding for as long as anyone can remember. Sometime around 2005 David was added to the very small Southside team.

David Langston Frontside Nosegrind San Francisco photo Wil Widner

Nevermind Skateboards is something to inspire and help people connect on a grassroots local level with the products they skate. The more products Nevermind creates the more we can all ride and take pride in our local scene. This Nevermind Skateboards x Southside Skatepark collaboration includes two board graphics across 10 popsicle sizes, 12 variations of tee shirt graphics across 4 different colored tees, commemorative pint glasses and stickers. Support this project at and at both of our Houston locations Southside Skatepark and Southside Skateshop. Check out this interview with David Langston.

Q/A with David Langston of Never Mind Skateboards

David Langston photo Wil Widner

Never Mind Skateboards from what I can tell is your on-again-off-again creative outlet to produce various products for skateboarding whenever the inspiration hits you, or is there more to it?
– There were a few big inspirations originally. I wanted to start a legit board company and use it as a platform to motivate me and my friends to go on more skate trips, and to promote my friends who are honestly pro skaters. At the time that I started really doing Never Mind (2013) I always had my cameras with me and was getting a lot of good stuff that I wanted to share. I was drawing often and had a bunch of ideas for board graphics.

What was the inspiration for the name and how long have you been doing it off and on?
My friends and I have always done this thing where we get each other’s attention and say nevermind just to be annoying, and I think Dakota (Roberson) mentioned that maybe it should just be called Nevermind and it stuck. It’s also a reminder to never mind or to not overthink my skateboarding.

David Langston Backside Flip photo Wil Widner

With this new batch of product what was the motivation for collabing or doing a Never Mind Skateboards x Southside Skatepark graphic?
–  I was playing with reversed crosses with text and Southside and Houston lined up, so I did some sketches and came with up one that I liked and sent it to you. A few years later it crossed your mind and we agreed that we should make it.

Are you surprised that the capsule has become so much more than a shop deck?
– Once I saw what Josh Rowe aka DANG had made for us I knew we’d be making at least some shirts, but I’m pretty hyped on the surprise pint glasses!
In this capsule, there are Pint Glasses, essentially 4 different tee shirt colors with three different full-backs for a total of 12 different styles, the boards themselves, and stickers. 

What items are your favorite?
– Well as I’m typing this I haven’t seen the boards in person but the sample photo we saw was awesome. I’m loving the tee with the back print that is closest to the original drawing, the one that’s shorter with the sunburst.

Southside x Nevermind Early Production Sample Top Graphic

Did the capsule turn out the way you envisioned it would?
– We knew Josh was going to as you said “Dangify” it and he didn’t dissapoint.

When you bring a vision like this to market and see a longtime friend and sponsor of yours like Southside release product like this does it help to re-focus your inspiration for why you are still skateboarding?
– Yeah it’s been great working on a project with you and getting together with everyone to skate and make the little park edit, it’s all about skating with your friends.

Seems like there have been a lot of creative outlets of skateboarding expression this year.  Were you happy with your part in the Southside Still Holdin video?
– I am really happy to have been involved and to have shared a part with Tate, and with clips of Carter and Ben! Everyone has really been pushing themselves lately, it’s been pretty impressive to watch

Having been a part of making various videos with my friends in Houston I know we really won’t understand the impact of the video for a long time. What would you tell a young person, that’s just starting to skateboard and might be pulling inspiration from your skateboarding in the video on how to make the most of skateboarding the Houston area?
– Yeah it’s funny hearing people’s reactions to videos years later. I would tell a young skater to get out there and travel. Go explore, just get out there and make it happen. Skate trips with my friends have been some of the most memorable times of my life. If you see an opportunity, take it. Just be safe and smart out there!

What’s next for Never Mind Skateboards and David Langston this year?
–  I’ve got ideas for art, diy builds, videos, and ways to participate within the skateboarding community. A lot of skating, a lot of hanging, hopefully a lot of… nevermind.

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Southside x Nevermind Early Production Samples of the Two Colorways

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