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DJ Reeks of the Waxaholics setting it off with some vinyl | photo Eric Visentin

New Era Southside Hat Release, the Waxaholics, Mimosas, Brunch Eats, what could go wrong?

Absolutely nothing, we had perfect weather and a solid amount of customers come through for the New Era Brunch and hat release. The event took place at Southside Skateshop Sunday April 14th from 1-4pm. We had invited everyone to come through say hello and allow us to thank you for supporting our store at 11197 Westheimer at the corner of Westheimer and Wilcrest. It was great seeing everyone out and enjoying the perfect day.

Catching Up with Customers and Supporters of Southside Skateshop is the best part | photo Eric Visentin

Catching Up with Customers and Supporters of Southside Skateshop is the best part!

Our customers are the best and the skateboarding scene in Houston is growing exponentially. Catching up with the customers and supporters of Southside is the best part of events like the New Era Brunch. Of course, no matter what the event may be there is going to be some skateboarding in the parking lot. This event held true to that for sure, everyone was siked on the music, food and the cool dry day.

southside-skateshop-new-era-recap brunch-jack-bevevino-broken-deck.-photo-eric-visentin
Jack Bevevino has No Chill | photo Eric Visentin

New Era Brunch for the Win!

southside-skateshop-new-era-brunch-recap jack-bevevino-and-customer-photo-eric-visentin
Jack Getting Himself Right | photo Eric Visentin

It’s easy to put on events like the New Era Brunch and we enjoyed music provided by The Waxaholics. They put on some solid sets with music that has made it into many skateboarding videos. This was a total coincidence as we never really told them what we like to listen to. Near the end, we had a conversation about skateboarding music with DEMOHTX. He was hyped to hear that skateboarders actually listen to just about everything. So I guess you could expect an even better set next time we bring the Waxaholics out if that’s even possible.

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