Old Man Bowl Jam Winners 2022-50-and-Over-Sejo-Alvarez-Mike-Kelly-Robert-Bulkley Southside Skatepark

Congratulations 50 and Over 1st Place Sejo Alvarez, 2nd Place Mike Kelly, and 3rd Place Robert Bulkley

This past weekend was so much fun at Southside Skatepark’s Old Man Bowl Jam! Every year is a good time but this year after having taken some time off, we were able to reflect on just how valuable these times are with our skateboarding family. Sejo Alvarez stole the show with 2 flawless runs containing a variety of spine transfers using both bowls.

Ryan Crane took 1st Place in 40 to 49 Age Group Old Man Bowl Jam Southside Skatepark

Congratulations Ryan Crane on 1st Place in 40 to 49 Age Group

This year I skated in the 40 to 49 age group and had a really solid time. My Dad even showed up and surprised me. It was a pretty crazy feeling to be entering a contest, something I rarely ever do and have my Dad there to see it. Really made me feel much younger than the 45-year old I have become. Luckily Will Correa and Micky Smith have been motivating me to skate all kinds of terrain with them every week. So being somewhat on my board, but not having spent much time in the bowl, I figured I might as well see what happens. Essentially it makes you feel really good to participate in a contest. No matter how you end up skateboarding. It’s all in good fun and everyone there is super stoked just to see you roll. You can read between the lines on how I might have skateboarded.

Winners-20-29-Hollywood-Martinez-Andrew-Close-Jake-Seibert-Old Man Bowl Jam-2022

Hollywood Martinez held down 1st Place, Jake Seibert with 2nd, and Andrew Close caught 3rd Place in the 30 to 39 year-olds.

There must be some kind of generational void in the 30 to 39 year-olds. We didn’t even really have a heat put together until about 15 minutes before it was time for them to skate. Luckily a bunch of them showed up just in time to get in on it. Super proud of our dude Hollywood Martinez, it’s always amazing watching him wreck the bowl. Everyone skateboarded great and we are happy for all of them for sure.

This Year We Ran 20 to 29 Year-Olds and a 19 and Under Class

Winners-19-and-Under-Omero-Hernandez-Brooklyn-Anderson-Kaleb-Griffin-Jordan-Santana-Old Man Bowl Jam-2022

Still Hunting Down the 20 to 29 Age Group Winners Photo – Sorry

Huge Congrats to Our 19 and Under Crew the Winners were Omero Hernandez in 1st Place, Brooklyn Anderson in 2nd Place, Kaleb Griffin in 3rd Place, and Jordan Santana Ripped but Just Skated for Fun

20 to 29 and 19 and Under Age Groups both were well attended, skateboarded great, and helped start the day perfectly. It also brought in a younger crowd to hang out and watch as the older skateboarders warmed up and skated their heats. When I was younger had I seen so many older people skateboarding it would have helped me to understand that yes, you really can skate well into your adult life. Skateboarders today understand that and it could only benefit them as they continue to evolve.

Jay Sanchez and Associate Old Man Bowl Jam Southside Skatepark 2022

For Most Skateboarders the Hang After the Session is Certainly as Important as the Session Itself

Chip Queso Ryan Crane Robbie and Friends Old Man Bowl Jam 2022

Luckily Eureka Heights Brewery Sponsored the Event

Texas Parking Lot Old Man Bowl Jam Southside Skatepark 2022
Dreamin Skateboards and Dave Donalson Old Man Bowl Jam 2022
Kevin Lane Dozer Andrew Cock Fight Old Man Bowl Jam 2022
Will Correa Old Man Bowl Jam 2022

Thank you Powell & Peralta for Sponsoring the Event

Cory Thornhill Old Man Bowl Jam 2022
Andrew Robinson and Robbie Old Man Bowl Jam 2022
Jim Welsh and Dan Old Man Bowl Jam 2022

Southside Skatepark est. 1994 at 510 Iowa St. South Houston, TX 77587

Tracy Weller Old Man Bowl Jam 2022 (might be finally burning in Hell?)
Bay City Crew Old Man Bowl Jam 2022
Robin Barrera and Dave Donalson Old Man Bowl Jam 2022
Mrs. Santana Mrs. Alvarez and friend Old Man Bowl Jam 2022
Old Man Bowl Jam Champion Sejo Alvarez 2022
New Local Old Man Bowl Jam 2022
Speed Shades Andew Old Man Bowl Jam 2022
Bay City Crew Old Man Bowl Jam 2022
Kevin Lane Old Man Bowl Jam 2022
Andrew Close Old Man Bowl Jam 2022

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