Old Man Bowl Jam is all about the Legends and Good Times with Friends and Family photo Lee Leal

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Southside Skatepark is reaching out to those wanting to support the 10th Annual Old Man Bowl Jam, Music Festival, Bowl Slalom and BBQ happening April 6th and 7th 2019.  We believe that the skateboarders that literally paved the way for skateboarding today should be recognized for their contributions.  The goal of the weekend is to bring them together to ride and remember the impact they made as they literally blazed a trail for today’s skateboarder.  

Ken Fillion and Max Peterson Share the Stoke of Old Man Bowl Jam Every Year photo Lee Leal

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So many great skateboarders and those who support them show up to enjoy amazing skateboarding, great BBQ and awesome Live Music.  We work hard to make the Old Man Bowl Jam event the best it can be.  We hope our Kickstarter will help provide the necessary funds for the foundational event budget.  Our goal is to continue to grow the event every year.  If we reach our goal we know we can deliver the best 10th Annual Old Man Bowl Jam, BBQ, Bowl Slalom and Music Festival ever.

Allen Losi’s Band has Performed in the Past photo Lee Leal

Southside Skatepark Hosting Events for 25 years!

Dave Donalson Always Down to Support

Old Man Bowl Jam Schedule for the Weekend

Saturday, April 6th Old Man Bowl Jam / Music (3 bands) / BBQ

10 am Southside Skatepark OPEN
12 pm Grand Masters 50+
2 pm Masters 40-49 age group
4 pm Mini Masters 30-39 age group
BBQ – sometime around 6 pm

Sunday, April 7th – Bowl Slalom / Music (1 band)

12pm Southside Skatepark OPEN
1pm Bowl Slalom

Bands are TBA and we hope to have more information coming in shortly!

This year Old Man Bowl Jam has incorporated a new event to take place on Sunday. The first ever Bowl Slalom will be going down on a coned course within the Federal Stone broken capsule bowl here at Southside Skatepark.

The Cops Are One of Our Favorite Bands Year After Year

We have been hosting events at Southside Skatepark for 25 years and are one of the most active skateparks in the world. This event is complex in that we do have a Live Music and BBQ Food Service component. The Old Man Bowl Jam is in its 10th year and we have accomplished all of this in the past and look forward to this year being the largest ever. So please make sure you join us this year and help us get the word out. Please share the Facebook Event Page, Kickstarter Support Page and this WordPress Article.

Interested in Sponsoring the Old Man Bowl Jam, Music Festival, and Bowl Slalom BBQ email info@southsideskatepark.com

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