Red Bull DIY Was Incredible!

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What More Can Southside Skatepark Say About the Best Skateboarding Event of 2022?

tyrae carter noseblunt slide coast to coast event 1 barrier jam southside skatepark presents red bull diy galveston texas 2022 photo Adam Valadez

Ty’rae Carter Went the Distance

When we began conceptualizing this event with Red Bull there were many unknowns. Would the City of Galveston approve the Special Event Permit? Would Galveston County grant us usage of the ramp accessing the seawall? Could the Parks Department of Galveston trust that we would treat the beach and protected sand dune areas as our own, keeping the site clean and free of waste? These were the initial hurdles we had to overcome by presenting a series of unknowns in a PowerPoint presentation in early 2022.

max-peterson-frontside-ollie-event-1-barrier-jam-southside-skatepark-red-bull-diy-photo adam valadez

Event 1 Barrier Heated Jams Did Not Disappoint

Eventually, we achieved tentative approval from the three Galveston agencies with many contingencies. Each and every requirement to have the event was satisfied over the nine months leading up to the event. It took a small team of individuals to constantly communicate with Galveston and provide clarity on an event that was literally only a concept. This past Saturday, September 24, 2022, at Southside Skatepark presents Red Bull DIY, the memories we made and the time we shared made it all worth it.


Numerous Professional Skateboarders, Local Legends, and a Great Crowd made Glaveston’s Red Bull DIY Event Very Special


We hosted so many great skateboarders from all over the region at this event it’s hard to just name a few. Professional skateboarders in attendance were Ben Raybourn, David Langston, Aaron Wilson, and Jordan Santana. We broke up the 70 total riders into seven heats of ten. We then ran those seven heats through Event 1 Barrier Jam with ramps that allowed us to expand and create a gap as long as needed. Immediately following Event 1 was Event 2 on the Seawall itself. The Seawall and the skateboard photography from Adam Valadez, Wil Widner, and Sean Balusek were Red Bull’s initial inspiration to pursue this event and activate with Southside Skatepark. Event 2 took everything to another level with larger tricks, heavier slams, and higher cash payouts for tricks.


Southside Skatepark is Proud of Each and Every One of You


The way our skateboarding community conducted themselves at this event will help us have the opportunity to hopefully return at some point next year. We can now begin planning on how we can continue to elevate this event to further engage the youth in a positive way and entertain you all.


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