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Skateboard Day Camp is fun and we break into small groups for all abilities.

Skateboard Summer Day Camps We offer flexible attendance skateboarding Day Camps running March 13th, 14th, 15th 2023

Skateboard Spring Break Day Camps offer flexible attendance dates running Monday through Wednesday. The camp takes place at Southside Skatepark and meets 10 am-2 pm. Your skateboarder will be grouped based on skill level and an instructor will help them improve as much as we are able. If we identify that your skateboarder has been placed in the wrong group we will adjust immediately. Lunch will be provided with orders taken at check-in to make sure your skateboarder has plenty of energy. We can accommodate allergy requirements with ease so please communicate your needs with us.

We are Offering this Skateboarding Instructional Day Camp to Grow Skateboarding in Our Region

Skateboard Day Camp Summer 2021 at Southside Skatepark 7
Often times it is best to show by doing and try to help connect the dots for beginning skateboarders. We discuss at length the technique and attempt to help those lightbulbs go off with understanding.

We will have water throughout the day to keep your skateboarder hydrated. Daily Southside Skatepark Admission wristbands are included with camp attendance. This allows your skateboarder to stay and skateboard after 2 pm when Southside Skatepark opens to the public. This is also great for parents if they may have a conflict and can not pick up immediately at the end of camp. Helmet Rental is available to all camp attendees at no charge.

We Curtail All Instruction to the Ability Level of Each Skateboarder Helping to Maximize Their Potential

Skateboard Day Camp Summer 2021 at Southside Skatepark 3
Learning the basics of the ollie is important for all campers. Here we show proper technique to then be applied during practice in small groups.

Skateboard Spring Break Day Camp focuses on basic skateboarding techniques for beginners. Some examples would be foot placement while pushing themselves along. Helping them choose which stance is best for them. Also how to lean into a turn and maintain their balance while riding up and down any of our various ramps. Our intermediate group is generally working on the ollie technique, riding off drops using their tail to level themselves, and more. Advanced groups might be working on flip trick variations and harnessing the power of the ramps and bowls to enhance their skateboarding abilities.

Not Everyone Will Have the Same Goals and Our Skateboarding Spring Break Day Camp Addresses the Individuality of Each Skateboarder

Skateboard Day Camp Summer 2021 at Southside Skatepark 2
Helping as many skateboarders as possible drop in for the first time is always our goal.

We help all skateboarders take their skill sets to the next level. By working in small groups we can also address questions and concerns of the skateboarders one on one. Not everyone will have the same goals and our Skateboard Spring Break Day Camp addresses the individuality of each skateboarder as well if not better than any other camp they will attend this year.

If Your Skateboarder is Unable to Drop-In but Is Showing Signs of Being Ready, We Spot them to Help Avoid Injury and Build Confidence.

Skateboard Day Camp Summer 2021 at Southside Skatepark 6
Skateboarding is about confidence and if our instructors spotting you help you be more confident in your abilities we are happy to help.

If they are unable to drop in but are showing signs of being ready, we explain thoroughly and spot them to help avoid injury and build confidence. The goal is to have them dropping in on their own soon after this process. Sometimes they can drop in and want to start learning ramp trick basics. Maintaining speed within the bowl is another goal of intermediate-skilled skateboarders. The advanced group may already be able to do kickflips and ramp trick basics. If that’s the case we provide higher-level skateboarders to address the needs of those individuals.

We Look Forward to Meeting and Skateboarding with You this Summer!

Skateboard Day Camp Summer 2021 at Southside Skatepark 5
Hello, from my small group at Southside Skatepark Summer Day Camp 2021.

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