Skateboarding Day Camp 3 Sessions to Choose from offering Flexible Attendance June 17th – 20th | July 15th – 18th | August 5th – 8th

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Southside Skatepark Skateboarding Summer Camp Dates 2019

Summer Camp dates announced for the upcoming Summer Break 2019. We wanted to get the word out about our skateboarding Day Camps as soon as possible. We know camp families are beginning to plan their summer. To make the most of their time with family. Just like you, we are beginning to prepare Southside Skatepark to host your family’s skateboarders. Our camps continue to have good attendance every season. We have seen an expansion in our beginner category in particular. We are also seeing more ladies in attendance. Some Day Camp sessions have as much as a 25% female attendance. This is creating a dual new wave situation with young skateboarders, and female skateboarders. As a result local skateboarding in Houston will be very fun to watch over the coming decade.

June 17th – 20th | July 15th – 18th August 5th – 8th Enroll Online!

southside skatepark instructional day camp

Our Skateboarding Day Camps Impact the Youth in a Positive Way.


Southside Skatepark is a recent recipient of The Sheckler Foundation’s “Be the Change” grant program. The program focused on supporting ten entities that can be the change in a young person’s life in a variety of ways. We believe that our skateboarding Day Camp program impacts the youth in a positive way. Helping them get through the tough early days of skateboarding so they can go on to learn everything that skateboarding has to teach them. We opted to offer scholarship’s to skateboarder’s in need in an effort to expand our skateboarding Day Camp outreach and grow our skateboarding community.

southside skatepark instructional day camp

“There just is not anyone who skateboards in our community, so my skateboarder has no one to skate with.”

This is where Southside Skatepark needs the help of our Day Camp skateboarding families. Your family can help us connect our Summer Camp Dates with young people in need in your community. Hopefully your young skateboarder has caught their attention but they are just not financially able to participate. With the enrollment of your skateboarder as usual and the logistics that you already have figured out, if you could help by bringing any of these new skateboarders from your community we would be so grateful. At Day Camp check in we always hear, “There just is not anyone who skateboards in our community, so my skateboarder has no one to skate with.” The optimal scenario is that maybe your family has already gifted this future skateboarding friend with a gently used skateboard that became available from your household. Or maybe you have some components and need just a couple of items to complete that skateboard. If that is the case please email us at and let’s discuss what needs to happen for you to be able to help us facilitate our commitment. We can not achieve our goal of having three to five skateboarding Day Camp scholarship recipients in attendance at each session without your help. Your young skateboarder will benefit too by having a new friend to skateboard with in the neighborhood.

We Can Not Achieve Our Goal of having Three to Five Skateboarding Day Camp Scholarship Recipients in Attendance Without Your Help.

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