Southside Boardshop 19760 Gulf Freeway Webster, Texas 77598 – 832.932.5010

Southside Boardshop Now Open and full of products for all types of skateboarders and skateboarding enthusiasts.

We did it! Southside Boardshop is now Open at Baybrook Square

Near the intersection of Bay Area Blvd. and 45 Gulf Freeway on the Southbound side. At this time our signage is being built and is scheduled to be installed very soon, so please look for the NOW OPEN banner on our front glass.

Look for the NOW OPEN Banner on Our Front Glass

Southside Boardshop Now Open Banner to help you find us until out Signage is installed.

Southside Skatepark has been Serving the Greater Clear Lake Area Community since 1994 and Now We have a Location within the Community for Added Convenience

Southside Boardshop Now Open photo of board wall and completes.

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Southside Boardshop Now open with a shot of apparel and board wall.

Grand Opening Event To Be Announced – Sign Up HERE

Southside Boardshop now open early days shoe wall.

Fully Stocked with Boards, Trucks, Wheels, Footwear, Clothing, First Time Rider Completes, Longboard Completes, and Accessories

We are proud to provide a more convenient shopping location for everyone. Make a point of stopping by on your way to Galveston as Southside Boardshop is easy to access right off the southbound frontage road. This location is fully stocked with boards, trucks, wheels, footwear, clothing, and accessories. Over the coming months, we will continue to grow our inventory, and if there is anything you are looking for in particular be sure to let us know.

Southside Boardshop 19760 Gulf Freeway Webster, TX 77598

Southside Boardshop Now Open at Baybrook Square aerial.

Build Out of Our New Location was Solid

Southside Boardshop buildout with Will Correa photo Eric Visentin
Southside Boardshop now open final photo before product load in.

Just Before Loading in Product, We Made Sure Everything was Cleaned and well Prepared

During the build-out process, we stayed on task and were able to get the store ready quickly. We received the keys on May 12, 2021, and set to work. We had to take notes and keep the day-to-day as productive as possible. Before long we were ready to soft open on June 8, 2021. Through a variety of social media channels, the community was aware and ready for us. Luckily enough, even without signage, we have been able to help skateboarders connect with things they need. We are thankful to be a part of the community here in Greater Clear Lake and look forward to serving your skateboarding and skateboarding-inspired fashion needs for many years to come. Thank you to each and every person who has shared our page, made a post, tapped a Like, and commented on any of our social media platforms.

Southside Boardshop Now Open signage mock up, to be installed any day now.

Thank You to Each and Every Person who has Shared our @southsideclearlake IG Page, Tapped a Like, and Commented on Any of our Social Media Platforms

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