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We have Been Focusing on Getting Southside Skatepark and Southside Skateshop Inventory Online!

Maybe you noticed that our Southside Skatepark and Southside Skateshop google business listing is currently showing us as “CLOSED.” That is a result of the COVID-19 outbreak and Harris County’s Judge Lina Hidalgo issuing the “Stay Home, Work Safe” order. We have been very busy pivoting our brick and mortar stores into a more robust online presence at It’s nothing new but the magnitude of product going up on the website at this time is. For now, everything including Gift Cards is 20% OFF use code: SUBSCRIBE at check out.

For a Limited Time Everything On Our Webstore is 20% OFF code: SUBSCRIBE at Checkout!

We will be uploading all the latest hardgoods at daily!

We are All Having to Change the Way We Live Our Lives, Southside is Not the Only One Adapting.

With so much on the news and new developments daily it has not been easy. Finding the motivation and focus required to deliver all of our products online has been a challenge. We remain steadfast with the resolve to overcome these new challenges. Over the past week, we have been seeing community support growth for Southside through website sales, phone in orders 713.946.0414 for curbside pick up, and emails to Detailing various product needs asking for us to contact them to arrange payment. All of this support helps us keep going and we are very thankful to everyone at this time. Tentative hours at Southside Skatepark are 11 am-5 pm Monday through Friday to provide curbside pick up and full-fill “pick up in-store” aka the skatepark check-in window of web customers who chose that option at check out. You should try it, it works really well and you can avoid shipping and pick up when convenient. SALE ITEMS Tab code: SALE50 for 50% OFF anything on that page.

All Sale Items qualify for 50% off using code: SALE50 at check out.

We are All in a Constant State of Adaptation and Learning

One thing that we discovered was adding a SALE ITEMS clickable where all items in the category qualify for 50% off using code: SALE50 at check out. Whereas our mentality regarding our website is that it should only be the hottest and latest product, we are learning that 50% off during a time like this could really help someone connect with some happiness. It also puts a fairly robust variety of “last call” and “only one more” product in front of many more eyes than would have ever physically come to our brick and mortar storefronts. Hope you use that Search Bar at the top when viewing, or change how your sorting to sift through pretty much everything and the kitchen sink.

Did You See the Game We Played Online, Now Over?

At Home Southside Showdown

We had been seeing so many Instagram story posts with people at home requesting tricks from friends, we wanted to get in on the action. After three days of submissions, the winner of the Southside deck is officially Drew Kelly. American Blues bearings will also be sent out to our three runners up. We have another game set to launch very soon, so stay tuned to @southsidehtx on Instagram.

With the “Stay Home Work Safe” Order said to be Extended we Wanted to Let You Know How You can Connect with any of your Needs from Southside Skatepark. We Look Forward to Skateboarding with You All Again Very Soon!

Keep Up with Southside Daily @southsidehtx

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