For Immediate Release In-Store and Online at We are Pleased to Present Our Latest Capsule with One of Our Favorite Visual Creators Give Up!


After everything that has happened, and after all we have been through, what can we say we have anymore? What physical, tangible item remains in a reality becoming more digital every day? We have ourselves and our experiences in real life. We can get on our skateboards and have times with friends as we always have, literally taking us back to square one. We hope you might consider that when riding these boards and enjoying this small capsule of clothing.

southside X GIVE UP-shroud-tee

Give Up’s Body of Work Always is Much More Real

Give Up and his imagery have always seemed more real than most things we encounter. We hope this capsule with help you return to the center, living more in the now, with what you choose to put on your back and under your feet. When seeing his work in the streets it’s always been the most thought provacative as we pass by in a car, on a walk, or riding our skateboards.

southside X GIVE UP-skeleton-tee-gray

Southside Skatepark reached out to ex-employee and long-time collaborator Give Up. Once we connected and discovered he would be willing to create a new Southside x Give Up capsule it was not too long before we saw the first mock-ups.

southside x give-up-previous work for reference of concept

Listen to Give Up on the Texas Tea Graffiti Podcast

Give Up’s Lifetime Membership

Always Thankful that Give Up is Still Willing to Create on Our Behalf

southside x give-up-slightly hinting at what he might be thinking

Some Times Passes and the Next Time We See It

southside x give up board series artwork the next time we saw it, just like that

Southside Skatepark itself beginning to feel somewhat ancient now, approaching 30 years of making your skateboarding our priority. Give Up has lived this skatepark steward life and is literally, one of us. It is something that never really goes away, skateboarding never forgets.


We are Happy to Deliver a New Give Up x Southside Skatepark Capsule to Add to Our Previous Southside x Give up Collections from 2007, 2012, and 2017


We Hope You Will Support this Very Real New Southside x Give Up Capsule

southside-x-give-up-deck-limited black dipped 3 board-series

Limited Run of Black Dipped Decks for the 3 Board Wall Hanger

Find Top Stained Southside x Give Up Decks at the Following Stores and Online

Southside Skatepark 510 Iowa St. South Houston, TX 77587

Southside Skateshop 11197 Westheimer Rd. Houston, TX 77042

Southside Boardshop 19760 Gulf Freeway Webster, TX 77598

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