New Southside Skatepark Street Course Completed Jan 6, 2023

Southside Skatepark completed an all-new street course rebuild just in time for the 2023 season. The entire street course provides a Gatorskin Riding Surface for consistent grip and slide. All metal work has been freshly refabricated and black enameled. David Langston, Austin Young, Dakota Roberson, Eric Visentin, Trevor Campbell, and Will Correa conceptualized various design aspects before and during the building process.


Gatorskin Riding Surface Throughout for Consistent Grip

The centralized prop features a more manageable gap up and down across the back wall. Bump to bar downbar and Bump to ledge down ledge. A nice sized four stair and the rewrapped original ledge that we just could not change due to it’s popularity. Black granite ledges and a reduced height manual pad round out the centralized objects.


Many Great New Features are Being Enjoyed Daily

Tons of new features are being enjoyed by the Southside Skatepark locals. The street course has four unique exterior hips comprised of flat bank, cutesy bank, quarter pipe transition, and long grade to tapered quarter. Positioning these four hips individually allows us to make them unique where as a centralized pyramid would not have allowed that. These pumpable perimeter hips serve as flow generators complimented by the ditchlike long bank to wall for even more flow. At one end of the street course we also have a bank with a 90-degree bowl pocket to a long flowable quarter to create an elevated deck approach for our graded down bar.

southsde-skatepark-rebuild-2023-flat bank hip
southsde-skatepark-rebuild-cutesy bank hip

Pumpable Perimeter Hips Serve as Flow Generators

southsde-skatepark-rebuild-2023-4-long up grade to tapered quarter hip and graded-down-bar

Complimented by the Ditchlike Long Bank to Wall

southsde-skatepark-rebuild-2023-bank-to wall, bank to-ledge,-and long bank
southsde-skatepark-rebuild-2023-bank-to wall, bank to-ledge,-and long bank

Tapered Quarter to Wall Both Frontside and Backside on Opposite Sides of the Street Course

southsde-skatepark-rebuild-2023-tapered quarter to wall

Central Wall Bank with a Bowl Pocket to Long Flowable Quarter Creating Elevated Deck Approach for Graded Down Bar

southsde-skatepark-rebuild-2023-central wall bank bowl-pocket
southsde-skatepark-rebuild-2023-bowl-pocket elevated deck to graded down bar

Two Fire Engine Red Parking Blocks at the Top of a Bank for the Cherry on Top


There Are So Many Other Features Yet to Be Discovered

The above describes many aspects of Southside Skatepark’s new street course but skateboarding is so creative that many adaptations of the new facility have yet to be realized. You need to experience the new setup for yourself. Many skateboarders have become significantly better by spending time with us adapting to our street course changes. We are proud to host them and certainly look forward to meeting you. Thank you to each and every person that participated in the creation of this new facility for our skateboarding scene in this region. We can truly say on behalf of all of them, that “Your Skateboarding is Our Priority.” Thank You!

Your Skateboarding is Our Priority

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