Southside Skatepark’s Spring Break Lock-In March 6th 2020

Spring Break Lock-In at Southside Skatepark March 6, 2020, 10 pm – 8 am. Win product all night during any of a variety of events. Enjoy an included pizza dinner and donut and milk breakfast. Admission is $25 for members of Southside Skatepark and $35 for non-members. We are sure all of our usuals will be there but we hope to see some new faces too.

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Southside Skatepark New Street Course Area Completed Dec. 6th, 2019.

Southside Skatepark New Street Course Area Just Completed Oct. 4th!
Overhead shot of Southside Skatepark’s New Street Course Hip, Bank to Ledge and Bank to Hubba Ledge just before metal entry completion.

This Lock-In gives everyone a chance to skateboard all night from 10 pm-8 am.  South Side Skatepark has been hosting Lock In’s for well over seven years.  In that time they have grown in popularity with some skateboarders attending them all.  Luckily temperatures have been moderate and we are hoping for perfect weather to be able to skate all night comfortably. With everyone enjoying skateboarding Lock In’s they are our most requested event.

New Dog Bone Bowl | May 9, 2019

New Dog Bone Bowl Completed May 9, 2019 | photo Eric Visentin
Bigo | Serving Pizza | Photo Wil Widner

Skateboarding at Southside Skatepark is always a great time.  An all-new street course and Dog Bone Bowl with your friends around is even better.  There are many ways to win free skateboarding products throughout the night. Events like a long ollie, high ollie, games of skate, best trick contests, best attitude, worst shoes or board.  With everyone comfortable, fed and witnessing tons of great skateboarding many of those attending end up learning new tricks.  Getting better at skateboarding over the course of the night.  It’s not uncommon for us to hear people leaving the next morning talking about how they learned two to three new tricks.  See you at Spring Break Lock-In and thank you for your interest in Southside Skatepark in Houston, Texas.

New Street Course Video

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