Course Rebuild is Complete!  09.09.2018


Street Course Rebuild Complete 09.09.2018 | photo Eric Visentin

Course rebuild began August 22, 2018 and completed September 9, 2018.  Previous street course was bogged down with 3 elevations taking up much of the available space.  We opted to remove all three and create a new centralized elevated zone.  This new structure allows for drop features on both sides and it’s three elevations provide features for all ability levels.  Our ramp crew was comprised of Southside staff and volunteers looking to learn what they could about building ramps.  We are so thankful for our course rebuild volunteers who seemed to continue to arrive day after day and help us make it happen.

At the time of this editorial, I am so damn sore I can barely move.  From the sessions, I have seen so far everyone is enjoying the new street course.  We have not heard any complaints.  We took our time with this course rebuild.  Making an effort to consider all things while conceptualizing this new street course.  We have a lot of painting to do here in the skatepark and plan on brightening everything up for the coming Fall and Winter months.  Southside Skatepark will be celebrating 25 years in skateboarding as of January 1, 2019.  This is the beginning of our preparation for the impending milestone year.  Course rebuild was a blast and we are feeling so accomplished and proud to provide you this all new street course.  We hope you enjoy it and support the shop here at Southside Skatepark or our west side of Houston location Southside Skateshop.  If you do not live locally but would like to support our efforts please check out our online store with footwear and Southside branded product.


Street Course Quarter Pipe Wall | photo Eric Visentin


Southside Skatepark Street Course Rebuild 09.09.2018 | photo Eric Visentin

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