Skateboarding Day Camp 2 Sessions to Choose from offering Flexible Attendance June 22nd-25th | July 20th-23rd

Southside Skatepark Skateboarding Camps Works in Small Groups of 6:1 Skateboarder:Instructor Ratios

Southside Skatepark Skateboarding Summer Camp Dates 2019 June 22nd-25th | July 20th-23rd

Summer Camp dates announced for the upcoming Summer Break 2020. We had been a little bit unsure whether we would be able to host these flexible day camps but believe that we can. We wanted to get the word out about our skateboarding day camps as soon as possible. We know camp families are beginning to plan their summer. To make the most of their time with family. Just like you, we are beginning to prepare Southside Skatepark to host your family’s skateboarders. Our camps continue to have good attendance every season. We have seen an expansion in our beginner category in particular. We are also seeing more ladies in attendance. Some Day Camp sessions have as much as a 25% female attendance. This is creating a dual new wave situation with young skateboarders, and female skateboarders. As a result, local skateboarding in Houston will be very fun to watch over the coming decade.

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