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By October 30, 2016Skateshop
We are the real thing, that can not be denied, we are not trying to fake the funk here, this is skateboarding.  That can lend itself to help potential customers searching for something valid, something that they can hang their hat on, in a world where so much is just a facade, an internet profile, an empty Instagram presence with really no substance.
Everything you see regarding anything we do or are involved in, it’s us made by us for you.  Our ideas, nothing ripped off or reappropriated (other various brand logo knocks we come up with).  We are the most active participants in the skateboarding lives of those immediately around us and are down to engage with those beyond our city limits through various social media communication methods.
We work hard to take care of our clients be it order in a particular deck for you special if it’s out of stock.  Take some time to explain the difference between a cup sole and a vulc sole when asking why your not getting more out of your footwear.  Always conducting that interview with skateboarders who think they should ride “this” but actually based on information gathered during our conversation about their potential purchase not only help them ride something more appropriate for their body type but also help to understand why our particular suggestions might help them have more fun on their skateboards.  Which in hope reduces the rate at which skateboarders are dropping off, quiting and pursuing other interests.
Living up to our Fans expectations can be difficult.  After 22 years in business Southside means so many different things to so many different people.  Which is honestly just more motivation for us to really bring it and push hard to have the best shop we can, with as much exclusive product as possible and rebuild the park which can take some motivation for sure, but the skateboarders who are watching us and hype us up as update the park and immediately after we complete just make it all worth it.  Or the super stoked customer and maybe their parents that are just happy that brick and mortar interaction is even around anymore with so much online shopping happening for all people.

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