Established in the summer of 1997, the Texas Skate Jam is the worlds longest running charity skateboarding event.  Once a year skateboarding enthusiasts from all walks of life gather at Southside Skatepark in Houston, Texas to witness the worlds top skateboarding talent with all event proceeds benefitting the Make a Wish Foundation of the Gulf Coast.  

What Is The Texas Skate Jam?

To date the Texas Skate Jam has raised over $884,000 in the 19-year history of the event.



THIS YEAR’S EVENT DATE: November 5th, 2016

Skateboarding converges on Southside Skatepark for the Texas Skate Jam benefiting the Make a Wish Foundation.  On hand such legendary pros at Jamie Thomas, Erik Ellington and Chris Cole with a supporting pro cast like Raney Beres, Cody McEntire, Ronnie Sandoval.  Not to mention solid local talent from all over the region such as David Langston, Christian Dufrene and Tate Malpass just to name a few.

What’s Going Down?

The Texas Skate Jam opened its doors at 11am and as the line around the building is checked in while picking up their goodie bags with support from Diamond and Grizzly they hit the parking lot to engage with various brands on hand raising additional funds in their tents.  Target practice with Real, Krooked, Anti Hero, Spitfire, Thunder and Venture is one of everyones favorites.  

Catch a bite to eat at the Tu-Go Kitchen food truck, on hand raising money while keeping everyone fed and able to enjoy the skateboarding happening during the Federal Stone Bowl Jam, Fastest Flatground Trick or either of the two Diamond Best Trick events to round out the day.  Antihero Skateboards Raney Beres took the bowl event with Street League famous and Blind Skateboards pro Cody McEntire winning the Diamond Best Trick.  Daniel Vargas representing Welcome Skateboards won the fastest flatground trick. After the awards everyone enjoyed catching whatever they could during the product toss.

Make A Wish: A Great Cause

We all came together for a great cause, to raise funds for terminally ill children.  Its amazing what skateboarding and skateboarders can accomplish when they put their talent and drive into something beyond the act of skateboarding itself.

We hope you will join us November 5th 2016 for the 20th Annual Texas Skate Jam at Southside Skatepark.  


So far we have commitments from Middleman Skateboards, DC, Vans, Nike SB, Real, Spitfire, Thunder, Speed Lab Wheels, Welcome Skateboards, Program Skateboards, Habitat, Primitive, Deathwish, Zero, Reliance see you there!

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