Families continue to reach out for quotes for skatepark quality mini ramps for the backyard despite inflated lumber pricing. Hard to imagine it has been 8 years of backyard mini ramp builds for Twoday Ramp Co.

Delivering Skatepark Quality Ramps for Your Backyard

Email info@southsideskatepark.com for your Work Estimate. We will need your address, phone number, and the size of the ramp you are considering. It’s preferred you choose a width in increments of 8′ feet. Such as 16 feet wide or 24 feet wide. When judging your backyard, choose a width and know that the structure is going to be about 30 feet to 34 feet in length. Measure the area you have available to make sure you are able to build the ramp you are wanting.

Provide Us Your Vision and We Will Make it Happen

We Expedite the Construction Process by Preparing Before Arrival

Prior to arrival, we will prepare the transitions to create the ramp you are requesting. The steel coping will be cut, drilled, and ready for installation. Luckily we have a Gatorskin supplier that helps us avoid shipping costs from the Pacific Northwest. That is a huge savings that is passed on to you, the customer. We make sure the riding surface is ready for installation to save time on-site as well. A lumber drop will be arranged to arrive just prior to our start date.

We Will Stop at Nothing to Make Your Ramp a Reality

We always hope the lumber drop is close to the build site but a residence will usually require all materials to be moved into the backyard for the build. We use ground contact outdoor durable lumber to provide the customer with years of problem-free skateboarding. All ramps are “pets” and will require some maintenance from time to time, but even keeping it swept and reducing any puddling is a step in the right direction.

We Can Not Beat the Weather, but an Elevated Mini Ramp Built Using Ground Contact Outdoor Durable Lumber Will Slow It Down and Provide Years of Fun

We build our mini ramps using 2x6x8 for our cross braces. Two layers of 1/2 inch plywood and a riding surface of weatherproof Gatorskin. We use 3/4 inch plywood for the transitions and on the decks. 4×4 posts to support those decks and we raise and level everything off the ground placing it on cement blocks. We want the ramp to breathe and not trap in moisture that could damage the ramp.

We Are Proud of Every Ramp We Have Ever Built and Thank Every Single Person that Allowed Us to Create their Dream Ramp

Twoday Ramp Co. would like to thank all of the friends, families, and skateboarders that have worked to make these neighborhood ramps possible. We have been installing and helping create a great place for skateboarders to progress since 2014. Below are examples of our work from the past 8 years of inspiring families bringing us in to further inspire their skateboarders.

16′ wide 3’9″ mini January 2022

Twoday Ramp Co. Created for Families to Have at Home Skatepark Quality

12′ wide 3’9″ mini ramp July 2022
12′ wide 3′ mini ramp January 2018
20′ wide 4’6″ mini ramp 2016

Twoday Ramp Co. Would Once Again Like to Thank All of the Friends, Families, and Skateboarders that have Worked to Make these Neighborhood Ramps Possible!

20′ wide 6′ mini ramp February 2016
14′ wide 6′ 9″ mini ramp June 2015
14′ wide 6′ mini ramp March 2016
14′ wide 3’9″ November 2016

We are here to Help and Explain What Your Thinking and What Will be Longterm Optimal for Your Skateboarder

Built to your requested specifications with our understanding of requested usage.  From the delivery of the lumber to the clean-up of all off-cuts, tools, and trash.  Returning your yard to the condition it was in prior to our arrival.  Expediting your family’s enjoyment of the new skateboarding structure.

20′ wide 5′ 6″ July 2016
20′ wide 4′ mini ramp April 2018
16′ wide 4′ mini ramp November 2014

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