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vote houston to win red-bull-terminal-take-over 2023

Southside Skatepark in Houston, Texas would win $5000 to apply to their skateboarding scene. In speaking with the operators of our EADO area DIY we have been approved to complete a large cement new feature to the street area. We are eager to accomplish this for our skateboarding community.

We have been Approved to complete a New Large Cement Feature to the Street Area for EADO’s Favorite DIY

red bull terminal takeover standings as of May 23, 2023

At the time of this writing, we are trailing in second place. Change Skateshop in Tupelo, MS has the support of what seems to be the entire city of Tupelo with 34,000 residents and most likely the entire state of Mississipi. New outlets have rolled up their sleeves and gotten involved spreading the word of their pursuit of the win.

Check Out Some of the Skateboarding We Did at Terminal Takeover!

Southside Skatepark attended the Red Bull Terminal Take Over this year for the the first time. We had to win the opportunity by winning a Red Bull Boarding Pass Qualifier here at Southside Skatepark this past February 25, 2023. So not only are we on the cusp of bringing this $5000 home to our community we had to win the chance to even attempt at doing so. So here we are, asking for your vote today, and every day through June 2, 2023.

We Hope You will Reward Our Commitment to Skateboarding and Representing the City of Houston by Voting for Houston DAILY, in what is Now a Digital Contest

In a city of nearly 7,000,000, surely we can accomplish this. We hope you will reward all of our commitment to skateboarding and representing the City of Houston voting for Houston in what is now a digital contest. We qualified to participate, we skated very hard over the course of two days in New Orleans, and our community is as deserving as any in winning these funds.

Below is an excerpt from the Red Bull Terminal Take Over Website, Describing their Vision for this Contest Now in it’s Thrid Year

“Skateboarders are known to look at everyday objects through the lens of what could be done on a board. At an airport, the ordinary traveler sees a regular baggage claim. A skateboarder? They see a perfect metal ledge.

For a third year, the old New Orleans airport was transformed into the ultimate destination for park and street skateboarding. Vacant concourses took on new life as skate spots.

On April 14th and 15th 2023, crews from states across the country met up at the old MSY Airport Terminal for the ultimate skate jam and content session. Each team of 4-5 skaters and 1 filmer were tasked with submitting a video compilation of their team for a fan-sourced vote. The winning team will receive prize money for the organization of their choice.”

We All had a Really Great Time, the Contest was Awesome, but it’s NOT OVER! VOTE HOUSTON!

Check Out the Red Bull Boarding Pass Qualifier from Feb. 25, 2023

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