Southside x Wizard of Barge in 8, 8.12, 8.25, 8.38, 8.5, 8.6

All New Shop Deck Boards Series and Tees to Celebrate the Fall Season and Cooler Temperatures

Party with Wizard of Barge and the Southside Crew 6-8pm Friday 9.27.19 at Southside Skateshop at 11197 Westheimer Rd. Hou, TX 77042 now in its 3rd Year at that Location!

Wizard of Barge originally caught my eye years ago on Instagram. I remember the first time I saw one of his found photos paintings and not being able to stop laughing. I want to say it was the one where the painted demo is holding a baby. When we reached out to Dakota Cates aka Wizard of Barge about using his artwork for a capsule he was such a G. This was right around the launch of his Tarot Card decks. He must have been pretty consumed with that project because it wasn’t easy to get him to dig to the bottom of his DMs on his Instagram.

Wizard of Barge x Southside Capsule Available Here

Wizard of Barge Found Photos Before and After

Strange Art for Strange People

If you want to see more of Wizard of Barge’s products and want to support his output check out his Etsy store and pick something out. Strange Art for Strange People is such a great explanation of what Dakota Cates is all about. Long-time North Houston area skateboarder and artist. Southside is proud to be able to bring all of this together for your enjoyment. Happy Halloween and enjoy your holidays this year!

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