Southside Skatepark Location

510 Iowa St
South Houston, Texas 77587

Call (713) 946-0414

Southside Skatepark opened its Indoor Skate Park and Skate Shop in the Spring of 1994. With a focus on providing rain or shine skateboarding and access to the most limited skateboard products for all skateboarders of every skill level. Skateboarding is in our blood, it’s who we are and what we do.
We make huge strides in the support of skateboarding and skateboarders every day. It’s all about supporting the community and the skate board subculture itself. Whether you realize this or not, you and your skateboard have already become part of the fabric that makes up Southside Skatepark.
No matter if you’ve only skated in your driveway and are just learning to ollie, or you’ve risen up through the ranks and have become so good at skateboarding a major company has you on a jet and flying to California to go on tour.
Southside Skatepark has literally become synonymous with the skateboarding subculture itself, through it‘s timeless aesthetic and never ending consistent hours of operation over the last 25 years. South Side Skatepark and Skateshop is the original.

Events We Host:

Skateboarding Contests
Skateboard Team Demos
Skateboarder Overnight Lock-Ins
Skateboards Game of Skate
Skateboarding Bowl Contests
Skateboard Mini Ramp Jams
Texas Skate Jam benefiting the Make a Wish Foundation