Best Foot Forward Qualifiers June 18, 2019 at Southside Skatepark with Special Guest Nyjah Huston and Dominick Walker

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Zumiez Best Foot Forward is an Am SKATE contest series started in 2007 to give back to the skateboarding community on a LOCAL level while providing the country’s best amateur skateboarders exposure on a GLOBAL level! Unlike most contests, Zumiez Best Foot Forward comes to YOU, and it’s always FREE to enter.  In years past the Best Foot Forward event here at Southside Skatepark has enjoyed huge attendance numbers.  We hope you will be able to join us Tuesday, June 18th 2019 to spectate and participate. You must register to skateboard in the event to bring your skateboard into the venue the day of.  Southside Skatepark hopes that our Zumiez Best Foot Forward has the highest attendance of all the tour stops.  Large attendance for this event is our goal.  Share this event with your friends.  We look forward to skateboarding with you here at Southside Skatepark.  While you are here please check out our Southside Skateshop inside the skatepark.  Celebrating 25 years of serving the skateboarding community since 1994.  Southside Skatepark has now launched an online store providing footwear and Southside specific product shipped straight to your door.  We hope to see you, your friends and family at this year Zumiez Best Foot Forward and at our indoor skatepark keeping things just a little bit cooler out of the sun and under our 24′ diameter gigantic fan.

Thank you to all the event sponsors Bones, Adidas, G-Shock, Primitive, Independent, Mob Grip, Real, SOVRN, Thunder, Igloo, Deathwish, Dickies, Element, Baker, DGK, Santa Cruz, Spitfire Wheels, Enjoi and Almost!

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