Battle of Texas Street Contest Oct. 27th Southside Skatepark

battle of texas street contest oct. 27 2018

Southside Skatepark just completed the rebuilding of the street course.  The Battle of Texas street skateboarding contest will happen Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018.  There are three age groups with gift cards and prize packs for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each.  The event will be a combination of line and jam format.  Each skateboarder will take a run until they fall as an introductory for the judges.  The 3 skateboarder jam will be given 5 minutes to use the entire street course.  The line portion and the jam help the judges score based on the impression made by each skateboarder.

Vans skateboarding will be on site with schwag bags at check-in to support this event.

street-course-panoramic-september-2018  Vans skateboarding will be on site with schwag bags at check-in to support this event.  Battle of Texas seemed fitting as we anticipate most participants to be Texas residents.  This street contest is all about you and your skateboarding.  Make your way over to Southside Skatepark for the event with friends and family.  It has been a while since we have hosted a street skateboarding event here at Southside Skatepark.  Please join us in making it the best it can be for everyone in attendance.  The larger the turn out the easier it becomes to find participating sponsors.

Southside Skatepark has been hosting street skateboarding contests like the Battle of Texas for the last 25 years.  There have been many different contests held within this skatepark since 1994.  It is our goal to help you get better at skateboarding.  Through these contests and events, we hope to recognize your accomplishments.  We know that skateboarding is an individualistic endeavor.  By participating in these events, we can shed some light on you and your skateboarding.  I am sure we will see you October 27, 2018 for Battle of Texas at Southside Skatepark.

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