Southside Skateshop Celebrates 2 Years in Westchase District

October 19, 2018 Southside Skateshop releases a new video montage and Nathan Pacheco’s unreleased internet part “Round trip” edited by Izzy. a new Southside Skateshop shirt release.  We will also be providing food and drinks for everyone in attendance.  Southside Skateshop is thankful to everyone that helped make this new location in the West Chase District a success.  It takes many dedicated people to make it all possible and we thought we would get everyone together to celebrate.

Southside Skateshop wants to Thank You Oct 19th

Southside Skateshop is excited to release a new video montage focused on spots surrounding the west Houston location.  This new video montage is full of new and upcoming faces and of course skateboarders, you know and love as well.  The Azalea montage has a run time of 5 minutes and 20 seconds.  These days some would consider that nearly a full-length video.  It came together fairly naturally by just getting out and skateboarding with whoever was able to make it out on Thursday nights.  All this rain here in Houston certainly made it more difficult to complete.  At the end of the day, we were able to make it happen just in time to celebrate with you.


Southside Skateshop “Westies” Montage

You Are a Part of Our History from the Very First Time You Step Inside the Shop

We love skateboarding and are hoping to support our skateboarding scene for years to come.  You are a part of our history from the very first time you step inside the shop.  Without you, there would be no Southside Skateshop so we hope you make sure to attend and give us a chance to thank you.  We believe skateboarders are the most creative individuals on the planet and are proud to support them in all their endeavors.  See you there!

Celebrate Skateboarding with Us Oct 19th at Southside Skateshop!

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