Darrell Stanton x Southside Skatepark Limited Board Release 01.23.18 7-9pm


Darrell Stanton | Frontside Bluntslide | photo Brian Gaberman

Darrell Stanton x Southside Skatepark decks are now available.  You can catch up with your hand numbered and autographed Darrell deck at either Southside location or in our online store.  Only 150 decks have been produced and we do not expect them to be in stock very long.  Southside is proud to have been able to produce this creative project with Darrell’s participation.

The deck itself has a top graphic timeline of Darrell Stanton’s notable achievements.  Various stained veneers with the timeline printed in cool grey.  The bottom graphic features Darrell in one of his favorite beanie’s featuring a well-known icon.  Nose to tail a photo-realistic image of french fries to be consumed while they are hot.  There are various interpretations of the bottom graphic and we will attempt to explain them below.


Darrell Stanton | Switch Backside 180 16 Stair | photo Mapstone

Nice Salty Pile of Hot French Fries as a Little Kid


Darrell Stanton | 2018 Campaign Mascot

Darrell Stanton first and foremost remembers a time walking to get fast food with his grandmother.  He remembers these times fondly as he looked forward to a nice salty pile of hot french fries as a little kid.  Who doesn’t enjoy fresh cooked french fries and more importantly enjoying them with family and friends.

Acquire a Wall Hanger to Celebrate that Assumption Signed by the Man Himself!


Darrell Stanton | Backside 180 Fakie Nosegrind

Secondly when you think of Darrell Stanton and what seemed like an abrupt exit from professional skateboarding it leaves you wondering.  All of the standard, “he fell off” and “isn’t he on drugs” assumptions come to mind as they always do.  To those outside the pressures of living in the public eye and do we dare say fame, can any of us truly understand what that might feel like?  What’s even worse is that much of the skateboarding public would have loved to see themselves in Darrell’s position during those years at the very top.  Possibly thinking to themselves, “all I have to do is skateboard and chill.”  Another common misconception would be “It’s so easy I don’t understand why these guys blow it.”  After having gone through withdraw at no longer receiving their daily dose of Darrell resigning to the idea, “Darrell Stanton is Fried Out!”  Now you can acquire a wall hanger to celebrate that assumption signed by the man himself!

“Get ‘Em While Their Hot!”


Darrell Stanton | Thrasher Magazine Cover

“Get em while their hot!” Finally we are compelled by the belief that the public devoures all talented individuals and casts them aside.  The whiter hot that talent burns, whatever that talent may be, the more intensely desired and more ravenous we are to consume it.  Similarly, everyone knows french fries taste amazing when they are fresh, but only seem to consist of a ten minute lifespan before becoming inedible.  The weight of that burden of fame is depicted above Darrell Stanton’s head weighing him down and pushing him from view.

“Darrell was going to be famous.  If it wasn’t in skateboarding it would simply be for something else.”


Darrell Stanton | Frontside Boardslide

We knew Darrell Stanton as a kid and spent many miles and hours filming and skateboarding with him.  At this time we can assure you Darrell is living healthy and is much like the guy we first met in 2000 when he moved here from Long Beach, California.  No matter what your interpretation of Darrell and his career, Southside Skatepark wanted to take a moment to commemorate his accomplishments.  Darrell Stanton deserves our appreciation for all that he accomplished and all he inspired in and outside of skateboarding.  One of his Lamar High School classmates had said,”Darrell was going to be famous.  If it wasn’t in skateboarding it would simply be for something else.”  How true that statement was and is today.

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