Sunday October 24, 2021 1pm to 4pm Southside Skatepark 510 Iowa St. South Houston, TX 77587

Fastest, Highest, Furthest, Longest, Best, Most, and More!

It is time for a skateboarding event at Southside Skatepark. October 24, 2021 dress up as your favorite pro skateboarder, bring your skateboard, and for $10 get in on this Halloween skateboarding variety event. Participate in as many short-duration skateboarding events as you like. The events will be comprised of a variety of ability levels, and each event will award free skateboarding products from Southside Skatepark.

Skateboarding is Always Changing and this Halloween Event is Too!

Southside Skatepark is calling all skateboarders to see who has the fastest, highest, furthest, longest, best, most, and more at the Halloween Variety Jam. Some examples might be various races, who can boardslide or grind the longest in the bowls, and much more? Of course, there will be skateboarding best trick jams on different obstacles in the skatepark. Alongside those events will be the fastest, highest, longest, and furthest ollies, slides, and grinds in short 10-minute events. Southside will award products to the winners at the conclusion of each event. We will also be looking for the best skateboarding Halloween costume of those who have dressed up as their favorite pro skateboarder for a grand prize.

Costume Theme: Dress Up as Your Favorite Pro Skateboarder

Not Like these Guys Below

We have scheduled the event to happen from 1 pm to 4 pm October 24, 2021, one week before Halloween, as to not conflict with anything else you are attending on Halloween weekend. Event suggestions are welcomed and you might see your event idea happen live the day of. Spread the word, bring your friends, and let’s start our holidays off right by making the most of our Halloween.

Best Pro Skateboarder Halloween Costume will Win a Grand Prize

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