I Cleaned Out My Closet for Houston – at CLOTHING CAPACITY

Still Accepting  Food, Water, Diapers, Animal Food

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In just a short 36 hours awareness of our willingness to be a point of reception for a national relief effort #icleanedoutmyclosetforhouston reached it’s capacity regarding clothing.  This amazing support overwhelmed us to the point that we will be working on applying your donations for weeks and possibly months to come.  Local support was intense and immediate.  Volunteers here at Southside Skatepark and all over Houston burst into action.  National support is en route and with shipping delayed or temporarily closed at this time we know the fight is not over.  We will be receiving tremendous contributions from all over the world beginning next week.  The relief effort is on going and overwhelmingly so as we find ourselves one of the focal points of an intense out pour of support.

Your Relief Efforts at Work Updated Daily

It Is Time to Pivot Our Initiative Food, Water, Baby’s Needs, Animal Needs

You already know how much we care about the Texas Gulf Coast.  Over the last few days we have witnessed the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey.  We have been fortunate enough to have stayed dry and maintained power throughout the storm.  The Texas Gulf Coast will be rebuilding for years to come.  All those that shipped boxes with clothing we salute and thank you.  With Shelter’s and Food Pantry requests being the Focus of our efforts we adjust to meet their demands.

As the situation unfolded on television across the nation and around the world our @southsidehtx IG started to light up.  We knew support was needed and of course the skateboarding community was going to rise to the occasion and participate.  We are humbled by this out pour of support and  have been able to help make a difference here at the root of this tragedy.  Without a doubt the Texas Gulf Coast will rebuild and we will be back stronger and better then ever before.

I Cleaned Out My Closet for Houston – at Clothing Capacity

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