Southside Skatepark New Era is on the horizon and is coming in soon. Southside Skatepark officially turned 25 years old January 1, 2019! We will be releasing 25-year inspired apparel throughout 2019 to celebrate this milestone. Check out these Mock Ups below!


Southside Skatepark New Era Caps Now in Production!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 25 years of skateboarding here at Southside Skatepark. We have had so much fun living the dream and pushing ourselves to create on the daily in support of skateboarding. The most amazing part about Southside Skatepark would be the entire skateboarding communities contribution to its existence. Your participation in our scene and the mark everyone who ever skated here has made is what makes it great. Check out the Southside Skatepark Spot Check edit in 411VM # 15. I believe it was made by Travis Sales at the original location a mile away at 1313 Missouri St. in 1996.

Southside Skatepark Spot Check edit in 411VM #15

Southside Skatepark’s 25-year history just goes on and on. At this point, even our west side of town Southside Skateshop is going on 9 years of supporting skateboarding. During 2018 it seemed like it rained about 70% of the time. Luckily this skatepark is indoor and rain, shine, cold and even just too hot we have you covered. We are looking forward to celebrating with all of your this year. 2019 is a milestone year so make sure you grab a Southside Skatepark New Era when they arrive. Keep an eye out for other home grown 25 year celebration production pieces as they release.

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