and First Ever 30+ Street OPEN at Southside Skatepark!

Old Man Bowl Jam Parking Lot photo Lee Leal

We Want to See Everyone Out in Support of this Region’s Skateboarders from Many Generations, so BE HERE!

It’s time for the 13th Old Man Bowl Jam and 30+ Street Open happening at Southside Skatepark Saturday, April 1, 2023. This year our event is sponsored by Eureka Heights Brewery. We want to see everyone out in support of this region’s skateboarders from many generations. It’s always a great time with bands on the decks, great skateboarding in the bowl, and bbq in preparation for an amazing dinner upon conclusion of the event.

Old Man Bowl Jam 2019 group photo Lee Leal

Every Year it is So Much Fun to See Everyone and Simply Ride

Skateboarding has always been fun with your friends. As we get older our priorities can shift, reducing and in some cases removing skateboarding time from our lives. Some of the participants in OMBJ year after year often are not able to ride much annually. Occasionally OMBJ is literally the only day they can skate, but when they do it’s always magic. We are happy to provide a day to celebrate the adult skateboarder and show our respect for those that blazed the trail forward for skateboarding in our region.

Derrick Hayes frontside grind for days photo Jose H. Martinez

13th Old Man Bowl Jam Event Schedule

12 Noon – 50+ Grand Masters

1 pm – 40-49ers Masters

2 pm – 30-39ers Mini Masters

3 pm – 30+ Street OPEN

Bands Estimated Schedule

1:30 pm Mean Beans

2:30 pm Surfer Bob

3:30 pm Shred the Deck

4:15 pm Skate Krime Syndicate

4:45 pm Zerofucks (they are a maybe at this time)

Old Man Bowl Jam Champion Sejo Alvarez 2022

Big Shout Out to Sejo Alvarez Last Year’s OMBJ Champion!

Old Man Bowl Jam and 30+ Street Open Awards 2023
Texas Parking Lot Old Man Bowl Jam Southside Skatepark 2022

Skateboarding is RAD but What About this Year’s FOOD?

Dave Donalson is always cooking something up to take skatepark contest food service to the next level. This year we are hearing rumors of cast iron seared Picanha steaks, chopped beef, baked potatoes with all the fixings, and salad. Eureka Heights Brewery is running support on the beverages and the skatepark has additional supplies in the vending machines. John Moore Live will be helping us out, pit master extraordinaire. It’s our goal to annually put out a spread like no other at any skateboarding event. This is Texas and we mean to keep it that way through and through!

Our Goal is to Annually Put Out a Spread Above and Beyond Anything You’ve Ever had at Any Skateboarding Event, EVER

Dave Donalson and Dodo Nichols prepping some years ago photo Eric Visentin
Old Man Bowl Jam James Cole layback grind photo Jose H. Martinez

Every Year it is Inspiring How Well these Skateboarders can Ride

Mike Kelly backside smith photo Jose H. Martinez
Eureka Heights Brewery 941 W 18th St. Houston, TX 77008

Eureka Heights Brewery is Back on Board as an Event Sponsor!

Micky Smith Old Man Bowl Jam 2019 photo Jose H. Martinez

Register HERE and Snag a Limited Event Tee FOOL!

Both the Dog Bone Bowl and Federal Stone Broken Capsule have been re-sheeted with fresh Baltic birch in preparation for this event. Registration is easy and you can complete it on our new online store We believe that the skateboarders that literally paved the way for skateboarding today should be recognized for their contributions.  The goal of the weekend is to bring them together to ride and remember the impact they made as they literally blazed a trail for today’s skateboarder.

Check Out this Video from Old Man Bowl Jam’s Past!

Tracy Weller laying it back keeping it punk photo Lee Leal

The Hang After the Session is Certainly as Important as the Session Itself

Jay Sanchez and Associate Old Man Bowl Jam Southside Skatepark 2022
Ben Johnson Old Man Bowl Jam 2019 photo Frankie Gamboa
Chip Queso Ryan Crane Robbie and Friends Old Man Bowl Jam 2022

Call it a Skatepark of Houston Revival or Just an All Out Good Time with Your Friends

Dreamin Skateboards and Dave Donalson Old Man Bowl Jam 2022
Dylan Blackwell crailslides during Mini Masters photo Lee Leal
Cory Thornhill Old Man Bowl Jam 2022
Pat Black Old-Man Bowl Jam 2019 photo Lee Leal
Jim Welsh and Dan Old Man Bowl Jam 2022

Southside Skatepark est. 1994 at 510 Iowa St. South Houston, TX 77587

Bay City Crew Old Man Bowl Jam 2022
Speed Shades Andew Old Man Bowl Jam 2022
Kevin Lane Old Man Bowl Jam 2022
Andrew Close Old Man Bowl Jam 2022

Let’s Get It! April 1st 2023 at Southside Skatepark

Todd Prince photo Eric Visentin

You Just Never Know What You are Going to See at OMBJ

We have been hosting events at Southside Skatepark for 30 years and are one of the most active skateparks in the world. So please make sure you join us this year and help us get the word out. Please share this WordPress Article and our Social Media posts on Instragram @southsidehtx

Old Man Bowl Jam Parking Lot 2019 photo Frankie Gamboa

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