All-New Street Course Centerpiece

By October 11, 2019News

New Street Course Centerpiece Oct. 10, 2019 at Southside Skatepark! Take 30% Off Membership for a Limited Time, Offer Expires Oct. 31st

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Street Course Centerpiece Rebuild End of Day 2

New Features Include 2 Flat 3, Down Rail, Bump to Rail, Bump to Ledge, Outledge, Step Up and Down and Reduced Elevation to Increase Perimeter Flow with this New Lower Centralized Speed Distributor!

Street Course Centerpiece Rebuild Middle of Day 2

What’s not to love with the completion of this new street course centerpiece? New features include 2 Flat 3, down rail, bump to rail, bump to ledge, outledge, step up and down just to name a few. This new reduced elevation increases perimeter flow making the preexisting perimeter function completely differently. There are a few more ways to use this new prop and we are confident that the incredibly creative culture that is skateboarding will find new ways to manipulate the structure.

Street Course Centerpiece Rebuild End of Day 1

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