Bun B x DGK Release a Limited Collaborative Deck to Commemorate “Return of the Trill” Bun B’s latest album!

Bun B x DGK “Return of the Trill” Limited Board Release at Southside Skatepark


Stevie Williams and Bun B | Southside Skatepark Skateshop | photo Jose H. Martinez

August 29, 2018 Southside Skatepark hosted DGK’s “Saved by Skateboarding” skateboard give back initiative.  The event played host to the release of limited Bun B x DGK collab decks.  Featuring the album artwork of Bun B‘s latest album “Return of the Trill.”  On hand was Bun B himself, Stevie Williams of DGK and Cooley who started Saved by Skateboarding.  Saved by Skateboarding’s goal is to give boards to kids in need.  Connecting professional skateboarders and entrepreneurs with young people.  Another goal is to let them know that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to.  Fifty decks were given away completely FREE of charge to those in attendance.  Twenty of the decks were autographed for the line outside Southside Skatepark.  With thirty boards gifted to skateboarders during the Six and Rails jam that happened inside the skatepark.


Malcolm Cab Frontboard Handrail | Southside Skatepark | photo Jose H. Martinez

The Bun B x DGK collab deck give back event happened just before the listening party of Bun B’s new album “Return of the Trill.”


Cast of Characters | Southside Skatepark | photo Jose H. Martinez

Immediately after this event we made our way to Johnny Dang’s Jewelry Store

The Bun B x DGK collab deck give back event happened just before the listening party of Bun B’s new album “Return of the Trill.”  Immediately after this event we made our way to Johnny Dang’s Jewelry Store.  Upon arrival Bun B was being interviewed by news outlets, shooting photos on the red carpet with friends, family, and other celebrities.


Bun B and Bigo | Johnny Dang’s Jewelry Store | photo Janine Visentin

Once inside considering the album had not released yet you had to get a set of headphones.  They would be the only way to hear the new album which was linked to the amazing DJ on hand.  There was a ton of jewelry, grills and amazing watches to check out at Johnny Dangs.  Upstairs there was an amazing buffet with crab dip, ground beef wrapped hard boiled eggs and of course top shelf beverages.  There was a massive UGK ice sculpture on the buffet and an awesome photo op for everyone in attendance.



Johnny Dang and Janine Visentin | Return of the Trill Listening Party | photo Eric Visentin

Just before the album started playing in our headphones Bun B ran down a list of thank you’s and acknowledgments.  Every song was introduced by Bun B and we were provided with some insight into Bun B’s creative mindset.  We ran into so many people we knew and met some people we didn’t.  It was great to reconnect and network while celebrating the release of Bun B’s 5th album “Return of the Trill” congratulations!


Slim Thug and Bigo | Return of the Trill listening party | photo Janine Visentin

Naturally Southside Skatepark is thankful to have played host to DGK’s “Saved by Skateboarding” and the Bun B x DGK give back event.

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