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February 25, 2023 Red Bull Boarding Pass skateboarding qualifier at Southside Skatepark was one for the books!

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Is your FOMO kicking in yet, fear of missing out? February 25, 2023 Red Bull Boarding Pass skateboarding qualifier at Southside Skatepark was one for the books! We had a great time with all fifteen shops that attended the event from all over the Texas and Oklahoma territory. Throughout the day the skateboarding was next level. There was a real emphasis on the idea, “you only get to do something for the first time once.” We met so many new faces in skateboarding representing the Red River region and with a brand new street course, the contest had a fresh “never been done” vibe.

No Comply Skateshop out of Austin, Texas Skated First and Came Out Swinging!

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The Boardr provided the format of five skateboarders from each shop who would skate for ten minutes in a round-robin jam. Each skateboarder would be scored individually with the top three scores from each skate shop team equating the shop’s total score. The crowd on hand could keep up with The Boardr’s live scoring throughout the day and those back home could also catch updates.

mark-roberts-frontside 180 switch 5o grind stone loveseat-red-bull-boarding-pass-houston-2023-southside-skatepark-photo-lenard-smith-jr

No Comply Skateshop out of Austin, Texas skated first and came out swinging. They not only skated first they went on to occupy the highest-scoring spot throughout the entire day. Their team had three pros, a freshly minted Garrett Young and a veteran Max Taylor both on Roger Skateboards, while Mark Roberts rides for Birch Skateboards. They rounded out the five-person No Comply squad with Treveon Wade and Keagen Crawford.

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Each of the fifteen shops in the contest put five of their best skateboarders here to try to advance to the finals for Red Bull Boarding Pass Houston. Shops such as The Skate Bus, Lone Star Skateshop, The Daily Shredd Indoor Skatepark, Deli Skate Supply, Core Boardshop, Select, Money Ruins Everything, Nine One Skate, The Board House, Geometric, Rhythm, Brick and Localz Only.


Big Shout Out to Our Participating Shops like The Skate Bus, Lone Star Skateshop, The Daily Shredd Indoor Skatepark, Deli Skate Supply, Core Boardshop, Select, Money Ruins Everything, Nine One Skate, The Board House, Geometric, Rhythm, Brick and Localz Only


Southside Skatepark from Houston, Texas put Roger Skateboards pro-David Langston, Tate Malpass, John Bermea, Dreamin Skateboards‘ Omero Hernandez, and Snake Farm Skateboard’s Hollywood Martinez on the course. southside Skatepark’s qualification ten-minute jam was enough to put them in the second-place spot. It would be these top two teams that would go into the finals to skate one more time to determine who would win an expenses-paid trip to New Orleans, Louisiana for Red Bull’s Terminal Takeover in April 2023.

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Check Out the Scoring of these Shops Ten Minute Jam During Qualifications at Red Bull Boarding Pass Houston

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Neen Williams Came in to Provide a NADC Burger Lunch for Everyone in the Contest and as Usual, the Flavor was Over the Top!

About mid-day Neen Williams of NADC, “Not a Damn Chance” Burger treated the competitors and staff to an amazing gourmet lunch service. This guy is living such a highly motivated life and having already been a fan of his skateboarding for so many years it’s amazing to see how much positive output he is contributing, check out everything Neen here!


Heading into the Finals it was No Comply vs. Southside Skatepark


After all fifteen shops skated the qualifier it was announced that No Comply and Southside Skatepark held the two top spots and would be skateboarding in a final. No Comply had the highest score of the day and were allowed to decide whether they skated first or second. Very quickly they decided that they would skate first and the event went immediately into finals. Southside Skatepark skated second and the entire team came alive, landing most if not all of what they tried. If you were there then you saw it as describing here could be kind of difficult in text. What I can tell you is that we are all very proud of the skateboarding that our Southside Skatepark team did that day. The winning team was set to be announced that night at the after-party dinner so we all left Southside Skatepark wondering who it was going to be.

After Finals the Contest Shifted into a $2000 Cash for Tricks


Once both top two teams skated their finals the contest shifted into a $2000 Cash for Tricks on the 4 block and secondary location long down bar. It was pretty much madness as everyone was going and many skateboarders were paid out sums between $20 and $100 depending on the difficulty and style of the tricks that they landed. Our overall winner was Rhythm Skateshop’s Trap Deon who took home a $250 payout on top of his trick-by-trick earnings.

jonathan bastian frontside flip best-trick-red-bull-boarding-pass-houston-2023-southside-skatepark-photo-lenard-smith-jr

Immediately After the Contest We Were Treated to Dinner at Izakaya on Gray St. in Houston’s Midtown

Then it was time to head out to dinner at Izakaya on Gray St. in Houston’s Midtown. Everyone in the contest, the teams in attendance, and our event staff were treated to dinner and a comedic set from Taylor Clark. We filled the entire restaurant inside and out and enjoyed an extensive menu and unlimited bar service. One of the goals of this event’s mission statement is that everyone enjoys their time with us in Houston, and we hoped this dinner would help all of them do that.

After Meeting and Hanging Out with Taylor Clark We Can Safely Say, He is Great to Have Around and Super Funny

taylor-clark-comedy-during-dinner-at-izakaya-red-bull-boarding-pass-houston-2023 photo lenard smith jr.

The Taylor Clark comedy set was pretty hilarious. Being a skateboarder himself, his material is of the skateboarder experience, and naturally, that resonated with the crowd. Putting a smile on everyone’s face after a long day of contest skateboarding is a really healthy way to blow off some steam. As Taylor Clark delivered his set there were certainly some good laughs had by all.

the boardr’s ryan clements announces the winning team at red-bull-boarding-pass-houston-2023 photo lenard smith jr.

Congratulations to Southside Skatepark’s David Langston, Tate Malpass, Hollywood Martinez, Omero Hernandez, and John Bermea for Winning Red Bull Boarding Pass Houston, Texas 2023

Southside Skatepark’s team is now setting our sights on Red Bull Terminal Take Over happening in mid-April 2023. As the winning team, we will be flown into New Orleans to skate six skateparks built within a decommissioned airport terminal. We have tapped videographer John Danielson to document our team and create an edit that will go live at soon after. Our edit will be one of ten edits that will be made public for you to vote on. The winning team of Terminal Take Over receives a donation to a worthy cause of their choice from Red Bull Skateboarding. We will be thinking long and hard of a worthy recipient that impacts our skateboarding family in a positive way. We hope we will have your vote!


Huge Shout Out to Everyone Who Helped Make this Event and Nightlife Surrounding the Event a Big Success

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